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💰How To Enter💰
1. Subscribe to our channel! +25 Robux if you do subscribe!
2. Like the stream!
3. Turn on Post Notifications!
4. Join This Group – Westdrum Studio –
5. Join our discord –
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7. Subscribe to Westdrum Gaming
8. Subscribe to HeadlessTheo

9. EXTRA STEP (OPTIONAL) Subscribe to AyeYahTzee

✨P.S. We check if you are subscribed to all the channels above. If you are you have a chance of earning double robux!✨

How the system works! 💥Works on Mobile and PC!💥

!robux – Allows you to check how many robux you have. +25 Robux if you subscribe!

!reward 500 – If you have 500 Robux, say this and follow the steps it provides to receive robux.
!reward 1000 – If you have 1000 Robux, say this and follow the steps it provides to receive robux.
!reward 2500 – If you have 2500 Robux, say this and follow the steps it provides to receive robux.
!reward 5000 – If you have 5000 Robux, say this and follow the steps it provides to receive robux.

!merch – Generates a link to the OFFICIAL Mester Peckle Shirt!

🥒Official Mester Peckle Shirt🥒 The Shirt Westdrum wears!

Recent Winner (500 Robux) –

Disclaimer: This stream shows previous winners (You must meet the required amount before receiving robux.)


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